Humanitarian disaster in western Burma

News report from UK Channel 4 about the disasterous situation in western Burma with conflict between Rohingya Muslins and Arakan Buddhists.

There is a disturbing report about the situation from Human Rights Watch ‘The Government could have stopped this’ available here.

4 thoughts on “Humanitarian disaster in western Burma

  1. Lots of comments from outsiders about what Myanmar “should do!” or “must do!”. Well, sorry foks… colonialism is over. The Myanma people have self-determination, and they have an ABSOLUTE right to decide who is and who is NOT, a Myanma ethnic. To believe otherwise is to open a Pandora’s Box that “progressive Greens” might look back on as a “nakba” for their own personal situations….

  2. Can’t agree with you Karl – this is not about national sovereignty, it is about a group of people being denied basic human necessities like safety, food, water, medical care and shelter. The international community expecting a country should provide its citizens such things is not colonialism – its expecting a basic commitment to human rights. And yes, throughout history many sovereign nations have decided some people living in their country are no longer citizens – but the consequences of this historically have been pretty awful.

  3. So Ronan is telling us: colonial rule is OK ==if== Ronan and his friends get to make the judgement calls about who is who, and what is a Human Right and what is not. Good luck with your personal safety on your next visit to Sittwe; you might could become the next Rachel Corrie. I can tell you that the locals are more and more getting pissed off by outside interference in what they view as their own sovereign decision making. Up till, now, it’s only been arrests/detentions of foreigners. Stayed tuned, folks.

  4. Nobody is supporting colonial rule Karl. It is just that you are keen to equate support for human rights with colonial rule – are you saying human rights cannot be protected without colonialism? I find that hard to believe. And far from the judgement calls here being made by me and some pals – it is the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which best sums up peoples’ rights.
    For the record Karl, you have made some concerning suggestions about my personal safety when I’m next in Sittwe – this kind of reaction is worrying – it took you two blog comments before suggesting my safety would be at risk because I’ve called for human rights to be protected. Future comments will NOT be approved if they contain threatening language or, well, threats.

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