‘Waste’ – the global food waste scandal

'Waste'This new book ‘Waste’ is about the inefficient use of food and how as our planet reaches the limits of its productive capacity we will need to seriously think about why we accept such food waste.

The author Tristram Stuart explains how with nearly one billion people hungry, the world has a food problem – or maybe just thinks it does. There are good arguments here and some ideas that can really help feed our planet.

You can listen to an interesting TED talk by Tristram here (also below) and buy his new book here

2 thoughts on “‘Waste’ – the global food waste scandal

  1. Really interesting to see the growing number of authors that are confronting problems of sustainability, prosperity and growth.
    Something interesting I read a while ago: the productive capacity of the world can still provide for the population, but EU and US farming subsidies combined with demands to remove tariffs have destroyed sustainable agriculture in the developing world.

    • yep, you’re right. a big issue is how energy security issues are intersecting with food security issues – subsidies to increase energy security by shifting food to biofuels is driving food prices to the highest level in history. a real worry.

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