A nation on the brink: Myanmar’s people need urgent international support to avoid state failure

Last month, a video emerged out of Myanmar of soldiers beating a man before forcing him to crawl along the street like a dog on his hands and knees. It highlighted the disrespect Myanmar’s military, known as the Tatmadaw, routinely display towards civilians and was a chilling reminder of the violence and exploitation that characterised previous periods of military rule. This jarringly discomforting video will have surprised few in Myanmar, confirming what they already know too well about the country’s military. But it gives foreign observers important insight into the mindset of a soldiery who regard civilians as their inferiors and who are prepared to aggressively defend military economic and political privilege. This was far from an isolated example, and sadly, as videos of Myanmar military criminality go, it was fairly tame. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.


UK government must refuse to accept the legitimacy of military rule in Myanmar