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Meeting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Yangon 2010

Reports on Genocide in Myanmar Highlight the Need for Change, E-International Relations

Myanmar’s Rohingya need tomorrow’s fairer world today, Policy Forum

Myanmar’s new leaders could end Rohingya conflict by tapping into reserves of goodwill (with Anthony Ware), The Conversation

Once Suu Kyi takes power, her party will need to re-engage the people to manage sky-high hopes (with Anthony Ware), The Conversation

Why consultation is crucial to building a stronger democracy (with Anthony Ware), Myanmar Times

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: the Rohingya’s dilemma, The Conversation

How Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is allowing U Thein Sein to become Myanmar’s smartest politician, Mizzima

What the Melbourne by-election tells the Greens, Online Opinion, 2012

Burma and Bipartisanism, Online Opinion, 2012

Burma’s changes must go beyond the political, National Times, 2011

Meeting Aung San Suu Kyi, 2010

Tasmanian Premier praises Ronan’s election campaign strategy for the Greens

2 thoughts on “Articles, news stories

  1. This may be an excellent cgpmaian Luke. Well done for drawing attention to it. I say “may be” because all boycotts need to be weighed up by potential participants in terms of whether they harm workers or tyrants more in the short, medium and long terms. Have not had to decide on this one as Burma is not on my destination list, but did boycott South Africa, and don’t boycott Israel – though I do very have strong antipathy to state actions there.Tory conference 06 had an excellent platform guest on this very subject. You may have seen it yourself? She appeared to be urging military action however. And she received a standing invasion. I mean a standing ovation. At the time this reminded me rather of Iraqi refugees asking for invasions and getting ovations in other places. Burma would have the advantage of being a more realistic replica of Vietnam.

  2. the infrastructure for tiusorm in Burma has been built using forced labour – a boycott won’t hurt workers who are unpaid and therefore de facto slaves.They didn’t ask for military action but for us to pressure our govt to increase diplomatic pressure & sanctions on the junta, and to put pressure on companies who invest there.In the ethnic minority areas where villages are being bombed/mortared/ethnically clensed there is an argument the UN should put peacekeepers in.

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